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Two weeks of Insufficient Support

Earlier today, I tweeted this thread:

Here is the text:

I just answered the phone while on the toilet because it was from #PhysicalAndSensoryDisabilityServices. The manager, Joanna McMorrow, had told me yesterday evening that she would ring me first thing this morning. She didn’t. When I rang, she was “in a meeting”

It was a different person who just rang me back. The same person who left me a message Monday of last week to say they would review my #PA support hours in the middle of *last* week.

The original “plan” was for a review after 2 weeks at home from hospital.

That deadline passed yesterday. Again, they didn’t call me, I had to call them. Joanna was in meetings yesterday too. I eventually got to speak to her directly (the only time so far) when I found a mobile no. with her name attached on my phone.

It’s especially hard to have to chase these people up constantly because I’m not sleeping well, I’m tired all the time because I have insufficient support, and often have to sleep during the day.

I should be recovering from surgery, not fighting a slippery bureaucratic system.

This is not #IndependentLiving. This is not #dignity or #autonomy. I may not be begging on the street, but I’m made a full-time beggar by a system built on the assumption that I am lying, and that I am not the expert in my own needs.

@FinianMcGrathTD – shame on you.

(Note: Finian McGrath is currently a Junior Minister with responsibility for people with disabilities).

@HSELive – learn the difference between the #SocialModel and the #MedicalModel

(Hint: you are running a health service, all of which is based on #MedicalModel. If it was #SocialModel, I would be asking the Department of Social Protection, or the Department of Justice).

(Note: HSE is the Health Service Executive, a QuANGO established to run health services, including disability services. Its main function is to create several levels of management between the Department of Health and the citizens it is supposed to serve.)

@SimonHarrisTD – you do have an ultimate say in this. It is #StructuralAbleism and every time you pass the buck, you are letting us know that you don’t think #PeopleWithDisabilities are full citizens with full #HumanRights. Shame on you.

(Simon Harris TD is currently Minister for Health.)

This is #MyDisabledLife in your constituency. (Tagged a number of candidates for the 2019 European Parliament elections, ballots this Thursday, 23rd May.)

I tried to create a playlist of my video diaries last night, but couldn’t find a way to do so on the app. So here is a link to the channel, where I have been posting “My Diary of Insufficent Support” for the last two weeks:

Thank you for reading and watching. This fight isn’t over.


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