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My Diary of Insufficient Support, Day 1

Hello again Internet!

It’s my first day home after 2 weeks in hospital. I’m pretty tired and rambling in this, taking the length up to nearly 9 minutes… sorry!

I had 2 hours of PA support after getting home this evening. Please keep sharing and discussing the issues around #disabilities, #IndependentLiving, #ChronicPain, #EDS and #VisualImpairment.

Until next time…

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

About Isolde

Writer, Artist and Story Archaeologist living in Co. Leitrim, in the rural West of Ireland. My personal blog, AccessAdventures, features random rantings about the daily entertainment that is being a visually impaired (blind) wheelchair user (cripple). My professional blog, StoryArchaeology, is with my colleague, Chris Thompson, uncovering the layers of Irish Mythology in podcasts and accompanying articles. My arts practice is currently featured on - maybe a blog here will follow... I am preparing "A Real Irish Woman's Book of Days" ( to go live for 2016.

One response to “My Diary of Insufficient Support, Day 1

  1. hauntedhistoryjaunts ⋅

    Thank you for sharing. So important to spread awareness. I suffer from several chronic issues and have had spinal surgery. I understand how difficult and painful it all is. Sending love and light your way for healing!

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