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A Life of Crime

Most days, someone says to me; “You should write a letter” or “You should ring and complain”.  Ladies and gentlemen, if I did that, I wouldn’t have any time to do the things that frustrate me in the first place!!  So here’s my first (almost) daily account of what was a pain in the hole for me today.

Scene of crime: Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

I went to the Bee Park community centre for a meeting with 3 other women, one other of whom was also a wheelchair user. Lucky us, we chose a Friday for our meeting – as did the folks signing people up for salsa classes, a local market and a men’s group.

Offence #1: No accessible parking spaces left.  Parked near a door, but cars either side too close to allow wheelchair up to my car door.

Offence #2: Doddery old fella tries to help me into my wheelchair and call my guide-dog to him as I struggled out of the car with my crutch

Offence #3: After the meeting, attempt to leave the building with dignity impaired by three dogs hanging around outside the front door.  One collie-type pup was not on a lead, nor did the owner have a lead, nor did the owner see why their puppy couldn’t bark, jump and play with my guide-dog as I tried to manoeuvre out onto a slope and round a corner.

Offence #4:

Offence #5:
Double set of double doors with zero turning space to get into bistro which is otherwise lovely and has gorgeous staff

Offence #6: My friend having to bring me down a rough alley and through a back door WITH A STEP to show me her “accessible” studio because the managers of the centre think it’s better for the large front doors with level access to be locked.  God knows, if they were left open, people might just walk in and look at artwork.  Perish the thought.

Today’s Offence Count = 6
Overall Subjective Rating = Moderate to Good


About Isolde

Writer, Performer and Theatre Practitioner living in Co. Leitrim, in the rural West of Ireland. My personal blog, AccessAdventures, features random rantings about the daily entertainment that is being a visually impaired (blind) wheelchair user (cripple).

One response to “A Life of Crime

  1. Hey babes, welcome to LJ, sounds like an average day for you LOL.

    Take care see you soon, and feel free to browse my flist for possible pals…recommend Kass and Martha for a good read.

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